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And still The Weaver plies his loom, whose warp and woof is wretched Man. Weaving th’ unpattern’d dark design, so dark we doubt it owns a plan.

-Sir Richard Francis Burton; The Kasidah of Haji Abdu al-Yazdi

I Listen.

Quotations 1
The Weaver

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Bear with me.  This is a little heavy, but consider and think upon the ramification.

“It not infrequently happens that something about the earth, about the sky, about other elements of this world, about the motion and rotation or even the magnitude and distances of the stars, about definite eclipses of the sun and moon, about the passage of years and seasons, about the nature of animals, of fruits, of stones, and of other such things, may be known with the greatest certainty by reasoning or by experience, even by one who is not a Christian. It is too disgraceful and ruinous, though, and greatly to be avoided, that he [the non-Christian] should hear a Christian speaking so idiotically on these matters, and as if in accord with Christian writings, that he might say that he could scarcely keep from laughing when he saw how totally in error they are. In view of this and in keeping it in mind constantly while dealing with the book of Genesis, I have, insofar as I was able, explained in detail and set forth for consideration the meanings of obscure passages, taking care not to affirm rashly some one meaning to the prejudice of another and perhaps better explanation.”

Saint Augustine of Hippo: The Literal Interpretation of Genesis 1:19–20, Chapt. 19 [AD 408]

Saint Augustine’s ideas on the nature of truth and science are essential to modern understanding and have influenced many great teachers and philosophers of all ilks.

I Listen.
I do that Travel thing sometimes, too.

Basic Ideology 101

Lesson #2
Saint Augustine and the Reconciliation of Science and Scripture

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There was a problem with the way I saw life. 
I liked it.

Developmental Theology 089
Lesson #43

Life is certainly getting interesting.

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At some point in the process of your enlightenment you will be asked to give up something very dear to you.  Emotions can become murky, and this will probably be the beginning of a new life for you. 

All things balance.  If you wish to be ‘reborn’ you have to die first. 

“Ask and you will receive.”  Pretty common quote.  Apply that to your thoughts for this class.  The first step to finding the religion that is inside you is to ask for it.

Developmental Theology 089
Lesson #39

Trying to revive the shamanic ideal.

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I’ve fought with myself about posting this quote as a lesson here for some time.  It has special meaning to me and my beliefs, so I do feel obligated to include it.  But take this advise at your own risk.

“The Path of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.”
William Blake

Developmental Theology 089
Lesson #35

Words : Loki Listens
Pictures : Jack Sees
Presence : Jaiku

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“Won’t you help to sing
-these Songs of Freedom,
‘cuase all I ever had
was Redemption Songs.”
-Bob Marley: Redemption Song

Developmental Theology 089
Lesson #31

(Coming Soon! Developmental Theology: Additional Readings! With guest writers!{okay, right now, just Cheshire, hopefully more people will show interest. What is required for a DT089 submission? Merely something that is simple and straight forward, describes something you truly believe, and maintains layers of depth for others to discover their own meanings. All religions and ideologies welcome.}.)

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