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If I Could Breathe – Draft #2


If I could breathe,

I’d tell you everything.

If I could breathe,

I’d do it all.


Everything’s gonna

be alright now.

If I can breathe,

I’ll work it out.


If I could breathe,

I’d take it all in.

Learn to sail about.

Maybe I’d even

learn the Cha-Cha.

I think I could

Figure it out.



-Jack Lhasa

Always Listening.

(Josh Owens, proud son of Dennis W Owens, RIP)



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If I Could Breathe is a poem I started writing for my father, months before his death.  I never quite got to a Final Draft, but I’m going to share with you the few drafts I did complete.


If I Could Breathe – Draft #1


If I could breathe

I’d tell you everything.

If I could breathe

I’d spit it out.


But there’s no way

to get it out now.

No longer can I scream

or shout.


Other than that,

I’m feeling fine.

At least most

of the time.



-Jack Lhasa

(Joshua Owens, PROUD son to Dennis W Owens)

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Step the morning,
blue and bright.
The pines sway softly
beckoning the breeze.
Mad with the ecstasy
of you, the world
comes alive.
In color and form,
creation exalts the sun
with tanned-skin beauties.


I Listen.


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Red Wine

The spirit is
sweet and warm.
A tawny red
flashes from
bottle to glass.
Red, like the
tint of my
brightest memories.


I Listen.

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Free the reins
on the broken steed.
Let lose the ropes
around your ankles.
When will is lost,
chains are redundant.

Chains, ropes, reins,
a saddle for the steed.
The man chained to the wall
is already on his knees.

We walk with morning,
glory lost.
but never sanctioned
with our own sovereignty.

No release,
No rest,
No right,
that was not learned
in captivity.

Freedom in his Kingdom,
the Animal Supreme.
Liberty of the Mind,
the Slave might be a King.


first draft, no edits or proofing yet. I’m sure it will get better with time.

I Listen.

Hammers & Hatchets

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This fermented hops
could never
compare to you.
Your glory surpasses
all that is.



Jack Lhasa
I Listen.
Poetry, Prayer

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Again, you were warned. I’ve felt very poetic lately.


I forget that
I’m falling
away from you.
Please hold me.
Don’t let go.
I can’t stand
to feel the air
on my skin.


Jack Lhasa
I Listen.

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