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And still The Weaver plies his loom, whose warp and woof is wretched Man. Weaving th’ unpattern’d dark design, so dark we doubt it owns a plan.

-Sir Richard Francis Burton; The Kasidah of Haji Abdu al-Yazdi

I Listen.

Quotations 1
The Weaver

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This is the 18th section of my novel. If you haven’t read the first 17, you might want to start here.

Enter Kotoko

Kotoko was not surprised to hear Jane’s voice. Three years ago, when Jane had disappeared, Kotoko had seen a vision of her talking to a man in a bar. And when Jane and Minus had escaped the bar, she witnessed the entire drive through her astral eye. But despite her effort and work, she had not been able to see where the truck stopped, or where Minus and Jane had actually went.

Jane filled her in on the details. Then asked her to bring things by. Kotoko agreed and said she’d be there around seven p.m. Minus had to give her directions because she still could not see the way to Minus’ house.

It was slightly past noon. The couple knew supplies were on the way, and that they would not be able to see each other for some time afterwards. They lounged the day away in bed, loving being together, and loving each other. Later they would look upon this time as the calm before the storm.


I Listen.

The Cost of Magic
Section #18
Enter Kotoko

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I had a little trouble trying to think about today’s post. What kind of idea, or battle, should be discussed?

Then I realized I had answered my own question. Inspiration. Motivation. Drive.

A lot of people think they lack these things. We search for a muse very often in life, no matter what our hobbies, families, or jobs are. So, why does it matter? Sometimes we just hit a dry spot, or a low period, right? Sure. Happens to everyone.

Come on. You ought to know better than that. If you aren’t feeling inspired, stare at a blank piece of paper for a while. It will come. Missing that old drive that you used to have? Start small, but dive full in.

If you’re not in the deep end, it’s not really swimming, is it?

I Listen.

Basic Ideology 101

Lesson #16
The Battle of Motivation

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So here we are. Less than one week from departure. We are leaving for the road on Saturday, April 12th.

Before the itinerary let’s go over a few things.

First off, Twitter Travels is a project that me and @scarab are starting. It’s a massive road trip, meeting as many Twits as possible along the way. We want to be immersed in your cultures. We want to walk the dark streets of your city. We want to talk to you and anyone else that we can.

So why? Well, modern media is failing us as a nation. It’s too impersonal. It relies too much on the “facts” given by police and the AP. We are just normal people like you, but we want to break this media power structure. They have not been doing their jobs. It’s time to call them out and let the public know the real truth. What is the real truth? It’s people. Just like any of us. Not politicians. Not hate mongering newscasters. Unless, of course, they want to step off their pedestals and talk to us as equals.
Okay, a short itinerary for the trip.

Chattanooga, TN (start)

Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL – April 12th (to meet with @BrookeinBama)

Atlanta, GA – April 18th or 19th (to meet with @corvida)

Savannah, GA – April 25 or 26

From there down the coast of Florida a bit, as Scarab as family there, and I need to see the ocean.

Over to Pensacola, FL shortly there after to meet with @Devyl

Over to New Orleans, LA next, possibly tooling around in Mobile, AL, or Biloxi, MS on the way.

Then we are northward bound. Stopping in a few major cities on the way. Eventually to end up in NYC to meet with @BrooklynBeast and then up to Vermont for the Vermont100, where we will be his road crew for this 100 mile race.

After that we’ll be moving around the upper east coast for a bit, stopping in Rhode Island to meet with @prp2

More details as they are available.


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DT089 : I’ll never lie to you for any reason. The truth is too damned beautiful.

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just pointed the camera forward while driving. Some narration.
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This is a podcast we recorded with Mark Davidson of Shift + 1 Media. Scarab and I reveal infos on Twitter Travels.
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