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Many of you that know me well, know that my favorite book, and the start of all my personal spiritual beliefs, is Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. Skimming through the pages today, I stumbled on a piece of conversation between the main character(the author) and Don Shimoda, the messiah from the title. It hit me pretty hard today for some reason, so I thought I should share it.

“You know the past and the future of all things. You know exactly where we’re going!” (exclaims Richard)

He(Shimoda, our reluctant messiah) sighed. “Yeah. But I try not to think about it.”

It’s a funny line, but also very deep, and a little sad. Something to think about.

I Listen.

Basic Ideology 101
The Battle for Focus

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So, I’ve updated a few things on Loki Listens today, and I’d like to take a moment to bring your attention to them.

Now, at the bottom of every post and page, you can find Sociable buttons! This makes it easy to share my posts with all your friends and neighbors through whatever social network you prefer(or all of them!).

I’ve also added a formspring widget in the right sidebar, so you can ask me anything directly from Loki Listens! Ask anything at all! I don’t care how ridiculous or inappropriate the question is, it’ll receive an answer. To go with this widget, there’s an RSS feed above it with previous questions and answers.

Lots of new stuff.

I Listen.


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I am guilty, Lord, but I am also a lover — and I am one of your best people, as you know; and yea tho I have walked in many strange shadows and acted crazy from time to time and even drooled on many High Priests, I have not been an embarrassment to you…

-Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: Screwjack

I Listen.

Basic Ideology 101
Lesson #29
The Battle of Life

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The Tetragrammaton is irreversible.
I cannot see the light.

To force the Holy into action.
To bring His presence
back into Creation.

I know your name.
But you are not your
brothers’ keeper.

spreads it’s wings.

It is the force that
turns the world.
It is the change
that time cannot deny.
It is the dream
that you never forget.
It is the Shaman
with no regrets.

I Listen.


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I’ve just posted the 3rd piece of The Tribe of the Star, on HubPages. It is post-apocalyptic science fiction, and may form into a novella. In this piece we meet Malig-Jon’s cousin, the courier, Runa Dag.

Read the new piece here!

Miss the first 2? Check them out here:

Tribe of the Star Part 1
Tribe of the Star Part 2

I Listen.


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… in purgatory you knew that you were going either to hell or to heaven, and it was up to you where you went. With the joys and freedom of heaven as a carrot, you strove like hell in purgatory. You knew the theory of how to get the ticket to heaven. But the practice… ah, the practice… that eluded you. You snatched it away from yourself.

-Philip Jose Farmer: Gods of Riverworld

I Listen.

Basic Ideology 101
Lesson #28
The Battle of Limbo

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Wow, I had no idea how long it had been since I had posted an entry here. What can I say, sometimes life just catches up with you.

This is not to say that I stopped writing all together. I’ve made a lot of headway on my two big fiction projects, The Cost of Magic, and The Tribe of the Star. The Tribe of the Star has taken on a pleasant change of tone, which I think, and my girlfriend concurs, will be much more appealing to the reader. You’ll get to see the first of those pieces online here in the next couple of days.

I started out posting The Cost of Magic here at Loki Listens every time I added to it. I dropped that in favor of completing it and polishing it after 20 some-odd parts. It’s become a bit of an epic work for me, being the longest piece of fiction I have ever written. It’s still a long way from completion, but I have very high hopes for it. To be cliche, it’s a labor of love.

I Still Listen.


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