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My father, Dennis W Owens, passed away on September 10, 2016.  He battled with Stage IV Lung Cancer for eleven months before sucumbing to it.  He died exactly 30 days before his 65th birthday.  He is missed by so many people.  This is the eulogy that I read at his memorial ceremony.


Dennis Owens

Devoted son, husband, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather.

He loved rarely,

but, very deeply,

with the whole of his being.

Like the Tennessee River,

on the surface, he was simple, still, calm.

But to know him was to know

that those waters ran deep.

His faith never waivered.

In this thick fog that surrounds us,

He could always see the lighthouse.

God’s Glory was always found,

stunningly obvious, in nature.

He truly marveled at Creation.

No matter the goings-on of men.

He was proud, in a way I might finally

be starting to understand,

looking around at all of you.

He did not fear death.

Not for himself.

but rather, for how

it would affect each of us.


I fear, though, that we’ve already

said more than he’d have preferred.

So, let us take solace now,

knowing his pain is over,

and he can finally breathe.




We played only two songs in memorandum.  Seven Mary Three’s cover of Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is, and The Beatles In My Life.  I encourage all reaaders to listen to them.

I’d like to take this moment to thank Memorial Hospital and Tennessee Oncology for doing everything they possibly could, including helping with the payment for his treatment.  I’d also like to thank the many, many family members and friends who’ve offered their support in many ways.  Although his life long employer, Olan Mills, really treated him like trash at the end, the friends and coworkers from there have been a great comfort.  Thank you all.  It means more than you could ever know.


-Jack Lhasa

(Joshua T Owens, proud son)


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This is the 24th section of my novel. If you haven’t read the first 23, you might want to start here.

The Tao of Minus

Mancini was a little startled when Jane asked about the Akashic Library. But he knew that she had that right, even if she did not have that power.

So, they talked at length about the great teachers of the past, about the holy guardian angel, and about the Akashic Library.

He suggested she take the six month sojourn to learn about the Holy Guardian Angel before trying to access the Akashic Library.

“But… hmm.. When Minus returns, we will talk. He may have a short cut for you. You have every right to view it for yourself. Especially since I have an oath to not speak of what I see there. Minus is not allowed to enter. But neither of us really know why. Sometimes, it’s almost like he has no book. Like his lifetime is not recorded, as it is with the rest of us.”

Jane didn’t know how to answer. Mancini appeared puzzled, even in his ghostly astral form.

Mancini continued, “The information I have about Minus is from my personal experience with him, and from reading the life books of others that have interacted with him. There are large blank periods, that I can find no information on. Five years ago, shortly after we had met, he completely disappeared. No one knows why. Or where he was. He refuses to talk about it.”

“From what I’ve learned of alacrity,” Jane interjected, “Is it possible that he got lost in it?”

“It’s possible. But Othin practices alacrity too.. I’d think Othin would have been able to find him…”

“And then he disappeared for three years with me, at that bar..” Jane was trying to string together the facts. This whole mess was terribly confusing to her. She had never known magic like this. All of these things were brand new to her.

“Yes, that’s right. Minus is… well, odd. It’s almost like he has a cloaking ability. Kotoko witnessed it with trying to find this house. This house is totally off the official radar. Only a handful of people know it’s here at all. But it has been here for fifty years at least.

“Although it wasn’t his fault, you two were completely masked inside that bar. In the same way, Minus is completely hidden now, at the world tree. No magic can find him there. If you were to walk up to the exact tree he was on, you would not be able to see him.”

“Does he know this,” asked Jane.

“Sometimes.. Definitely not all of the time. He doesn’t dabble in divination, so he really doesn’t understand the concept at all. All of his magic comes naturally, through self-sacrifice.”

“Like now? Like his trip to the world tree?” Jane’s curiosity was peaked.

“Yes,” the doctor answered. “Just like now. This is not the first time he has performed the self-sacrifice rituals for knowledge, or power. It’s almost like the gods favor him. His family has no history of magical blood. Unlike me and you. There is no reason for Minus to have the power and understanding that he does. I’ve spent a long, long time trying to figure it out.”

“What about Othin? I thought he was Minus’ uncle?” Jane interjected.

“Othin is not a blood relative. He was a friend of Minus’ mother. But she never knew about Othin’s magical side life. You see, to most people, Othin just looks and acts like an old, burned-out hippie. I’ve known him for five years. He has not aged a day, but we can discuss that later.

“It really boils down to the fact that Minus basically gave me my powers. I’m certain that he has had a positive impact on your magic as well. Probably Kotoko, too. Othin often tells me about personal relationships with gods, but I usually chalk it up to metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. Most of the gods are dead, or were never there to begin with. Maybe I should reconsider that. We’ll talk to Minus about it when he returns. Not long left.”

And so, that night, Jane began to practice astral travel to see if she could find this Holy Guardian Angel and the Akashic Library. She was tired of being out of the loop. She was worried about Minus, and she had to do something about it.



The Cost of Magic
Section #24
The Tao of Minus

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This is the eleventh section of my novel. If you haven’t read the first six, you might want to start here.

Enter Uncle Othin

“Hey old man. How are ya?” Minus answered at his Uncle’s hello.

“Holy shit, Minus? I didn’t think you’d made it out. Where the hell have you been?” Othin was very surprised to hear from his nephew after such a long time.

“Made it out? What do you mean, Uncle?”

“Well, I haven’t heard from you in almost three years. I thought the Mist had taken you.” Othin replied. He spoke slowly, but with a lot of enthusiasm. He came across as the wise grandfather figure, even though he was only 48. Well, he had been 48, three years ago. Minus had not aged a day, but his uncle had not been so lucky.

“Whoa, hang on Uncle O. The Mist is taking people?

“I’m not sure. People have disappeared. People who could see the Mist. I haven’t been able to really figure out what is happening to them, despite two years of research.” Othin’s voice was soothing and reassuring, despite the context of the conversation.

“Shit, this goes further than I had thought,” Minus replied. He related the events that lead to his disappearance to Othin.

Othin listened, but answered only with “Yes” or “Right.” He was observing and he was thinking.

“Minus, have you contacted Doctor Mancini? This is really his forte. He understands traps and consequences. The bouncer, umm.. Harry? You knew him, yes? Is it possible to contact him, and see where the silver line reaches?”

Minus had not thought of this. Othin was always good for excellent, although odd, advice.

“I also think it may be time to hang from the world tree again. You are certain he said ‘Runes to Swords’ and then ‘Swords to Rope?’ This would indicate the Magician and the Hanged Man, and…. hmm.. the Princess of Swords? I’ll do some research. Be in touch.” And with that Othin hung up the phone.

Minus was more than a little confused. He pulled some small white pills from a box near the desk. Swallowed them with a glass of wine, and laid back down on the sofa bed. He curled up next to Jane, and entered oblivion.


I Listen.

The Cost of Magic
Section #11
Enter Uncle Othin

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Just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season. No matter what you are celebrating this winter, let’s try to put some thought into brotherly love.

As always, I suggest that you volunteer at your local food bank, or Salvation Army. They always need the help this time of year. If you don’t have the time to spare, drop off some canned goods. What costs you a dollar might feed a family.

I Listen.
Happy Holidays!

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Well now it’s Christmas, and what have you done?

Had Xmas dinner with my mom’s side of the family yesterday. My father’s side of the family will be on Xmas day. So far, so good, but I’ll be glad when it’s over.

What else happened this week? Hmmm.. I had a root canal done, and was doped up for a few days, which is why posts have been scarce lately. We will get back on that daily schedule really soon.

Got my new phone today, it’s an AT&T Tilt. Pretty smooth looking, and loving how much I can do with it! Now, transferring phone numbers has not been going so well, so message me if I had yours’ previously, or should have yours’ now.

Much Love. Happy Holidays!

I Listen.

Monday Update

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It’s that time again here in the US. The time when we stuff our faces and binge and just generally eat much more than we should. It’s a feast for most, that rivals the ideas of the Romans. If you are thankful for everything that you have, or have not, share it.

Why not spend part of your Thanksgiving Day helping out at the local soup kitchen? You could make a lot of people thankful with a few cans of food, or an hour or two of volunteering.

What am I thankful for? Lots of things. Lots of people. For the reader’s here. For my extended family over at Twitter, and my real family right here. I’m thankful that I can talk to the far side of the world on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone who helped out with Twitter Travels this year. Not a one of you has been, or will ever be, forgotten. Thanks to all of the people who are helping with my first book release, even as I write this.

It’s been a strange year, but I wouldn’t change it. With winter, comes change. Are you ready for that fresh start?

What are you thankful for?

-Thanks to all my friends, family, and readers.
-Jack Lhasa
-Yeah, I Listen.

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In today’s lesson I want to talk about community, and it’s place in your theological development. What role should the shaman play in society? You see, shamanism is very personal, but at some point the Shaman-To-Be must begin to interact with the community.

You see, a shaman’s primary role is a connector. The shaman sees relationships where there are none, and connects the dots, bringing people together who may have never met any other way. A shaman’s duty is to build a family, or tribe, and to help others to do the same. Putting the right people together is the ultimate goal of spiritual connection: Human Reconnection.

We separate ourselves from others in many, many ways every day. Unity is the only answer to conflict. Sharing, cooperation, understanding; these are the things that move us forward, not conflict and battles. Today, talk to someone you’ve never talked to. That is your assignment.

I Listen.
I Travel.

Dreaming the Dream.

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