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And still The Weaver plies his loom, whose warp and woof is wretched Man. Weaving th’ unpattern’d dark design, so dark we doubt it owns a plan.

-Sir Richard Francis Burton; The Kasidah of Haji Abdu al-Yazdi

I Listen.

Quotations 1
The Weaver


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The mountain is cold and steep. The walk is not easy. Your muscles ache and your bones feel brittle from the cold. The thought of turning back constantly sneaks into your mind. Your destination is still very far off, and you are acutely aware of this as your bones shake and your jaw chatters. Your goal begins to seem impossible.

Do you continue up the mountain?


I Listen.

Lesson #22
The Battle of Determination

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Things are very, very hectic right now. The economy is killing me, literally. this site’s domain expires at the end of this month, and I doubt very seriously I’ll have the $10 to renew it. Yes, it really is that bad.

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This is the 22nd section of my novel. If you haven’t read the first 21, you might want to start here.

The Birth of an Aesir

Minus wasn’t certain what day it was. He awoke in the midday sun to the cawing of a raven. Or, more accurately, two ravens. There was a small pool of sweat about ten feet below him, in the mud. His whole body hurt, and he had no doubt that he had several burst blood vessels on his head because he’d been upside down so long.

He took a deep breath. “One-Eye! Are you here? Or do I hear the carrion birds awaiting my death?”

Alacrity and synchronicity had become ideas of the past. Minus thought he had moved beyond these ideas. But he wasn’t really certain of anything.

“Two nights and three days. And you think you have found power? Do you think this is enlightenment? Do you think you are Aesir? You are none of these things, youngling. You are impatient. You have not seen magic.”

The old man didn’t look weary now. Not at all. He looked powerful and commanding. We looked like war incarnate.

He climbed the tree and sat on a branch just short of Minus’ head. He reached out to touch Minus’ limp arms. He took hold of both of Minus’ wrists, and Minus jerked in pain. There was a smell of burning flesh. The old man let go. Minus clenched his teeth with the pain and lifted his arms so he could see them.

The flesh on his arms was bright red and still smoking. He recognized some sigils of power and strength burned deeply into his skin.

“What is this, All-Father? What are you doing to me?”

But the old man had already took his leave, and the ravens with him. Minus hung on the tree feeling completely and utterly alone. He has never felt so lonely in his life. Or had he? Once before.. He wasn’t sure. He slipped back into unconsciousness.


I Listen.

The Cost of Magic
Section #22
The Birth of an Aesir

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So yesterday wordpress ate my post.  First time that has ever happened to me.  Here’s some of the things I’d written about:

Fable 2 has sucked the life out of me all week.  I’m on my second play through.  My friends come over to play it constantly.  It’s a pretty big deal.  hah.  I have 39 of 50 acheivements, and 800 of 1000 gamer points.  Not bad.

You would really enjoy Fable 2, no matter what kind of games you are into.  It’s been catching a lot of flack because it’s not very deep, and the story is short.  But, come on.  It’s freaking fun.  I can’t get enough.  Seriously.

Aside from that, a lot is going on.

  • My depression has lifted.
  • Posts every Sunday.  No exceptions.
  • Posts may be even more frequent.
  • Fun Stuff coming.  Including a weekly podcast.
  • My Xbox 360 writes it’s own blog!
  • You can now leave tips, care of TipJoy.  Check the side bar—>
  • Part time day job starting soon, as well as a writing gig.
  • Developmental Theology 089 eBook in the works.

Is that everything?  I doubt it, but for now it is.


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So, the year has ended, and I’ve learned a lot in my migration to ubuntu.  Here’s My Must have’s and where to find ’em.

1,  ubuntu 7.10(Gutsy Gibben) – Release of the year no doubt.  Smooth and easy clean install.  They’ve probably doubly general user appeal with this release. 
2.  Flock – Flocking is the best thing since Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button.  If you use a lot of web 2.0 sites, this cuts browsing time in half, easy. 
3.  Tomboy Notes – I would get nothing done. as a writer,without Tomboy.  Also great for GTD.
4.  Pidgin – The messenger of choice again after a clean install.  It’s everything you need for IMs and IRC.
5.  Thunderbird Mail – Evolution was the browser of choice last time, but Thunderbird is too entrancing.
6.  Dwarf Fortress – Best crazy addict roguelike, world-sim.  Runs easy in wine
7.  Exaile Music Player – Wins mostly because it works more consistently than it’s alternatives, Amarok, and Listen.
8.  Limewire/ktorrent – TIe – for best downloading utilities..
9.  OpenOffice – for the real writing.
10.  GRAMPS – gotta love this genealogy thing I’m doing for the parents.
11.  Sound Juicer – for makin’ the .ogg’s.
12.  k3b – for burning anything.

Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments, if I missed your favorite app! Oh, I already see one i left out. GIMP, for all things photo editing.

I Listen.
Sometimes I See.

Give some love to Vee, for helping me with the research on this article!

Up there somewhere with the sun shining down on me.

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Loki is feeling very funny. You can tell this because I just referred to myself in the third person. I feel like doing thought flow writing, so, most of you can just ignore the following.


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