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A philosophical look at my experience in a new place, with brand new people, and what it made me realize. Check it out here.

I Listen.

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It came up recently in our travels that we wanted to locate the Blues Devil. It occurs to me after finishing up an article on the subject for Twitter Travels, that most people are unaware of the legends and stories related to the Blues Devil.

You see, this goes very far back. As long as can be remembered, great blues musicians have had legends told about them. Legends about how their life hit the lowest of low, the saddest of the sad, the deepest of depressions, and often, they went to the railroad tracks to kill themselves.

While awaiting a train to end the misery of miseries, these men were approached by the Devil, who offered to give them fame and fortune and abilities with music that could be surpassed by no man in their lifetimes, in exchange for their immortal souls. As people are weak, they often agreed.

The part the Devil often forgot to mention in the contracts and pacts is that despite their fame and abilities, these musicians would never lose this deep despair they currently felt. Thus was born the name, The Blues Devil. He is now often sought, and seldom found.

I Listen.
I Travel.

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The road is two days away, but I can already feel the pressure and calamity of what we might be going in to. This is dangerous land and will either kill us both, or make us heroes. It’s hard to tell which. Severing a lot of bonds in order to make new ones. Tie together a fabric, weave the web, connect the dots.

Hard dreams come in waves sometimes. It’s hard to imagine where I am, when I look at where I’ve been. I’ve pushed through a lot of hard years, just looking for the daylight. I wonder now if I am still pushing, or if that is the daylight I see up ahead. Either way, I’m gonna keep fucking pushing.

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So here we are. Less than one week from departure. We are leaving for the road on Saturday, April 12th.

Before the itinerary let’s go over a few things.

First off, Twitter Travels is a project that me and @scarab are starting. It’s a massive road trip, meeting as many Twits as possible along the way. We want to be immersed in your cultures. We want to walk the dark streets of your city. We want to talk to you and anyone else that we can.

So why? Well, modern media is failing us as a nation. It’s too impersonal. It relies too much on the “facts” given by police and the AP. We are just normal people like you, but we want to break this media power structure. They have not been doing their jobs. It’s time to call them out and let the public know the real truth. What is the real truth? It’s people. Just like any of us. Not politicians. Not hate mongering newscasters. Unless, of course, they want to step off their pedestals and talk to us as equals.
Okay, a short itinerary for the trip.

Chattanooga, TN (start)

Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL – April 12th (to meet with @BrookeinBama)

Atlanta, GA – April 18th or 19th (to meet with @corvida)

Savannah, GA – April 25 or 26

From there down the coast of Florida a bit, as Scarab as family there, and I need to see the ocean.

Over to Pensacola, FL shortly there after to meet with @Devyl

Over to New Orleans, LA next, possibly tooling around in Mobile, AL, or Biloxi, MS on the way.

Then we are northward bound. Stopping in a few major cities on the way. Eventually to end up in NYC to meet with @BrooklynBeast and then up to Vermont for the Vermont100, where we will be his road crew for this 100 mile race.

After that we’ll be moving around the upper east coast for a bit, stopping in Rhode Island to meet with @prp2

More details as they are available.


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We at Twitter Travels now have a home on the internet as well, located at http://www.twittertravels.com . Check it for where we are and how you can find us!

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This is copied from my new tumblelog which will be documenting the trip mentioned below.

Welcome everyone to my new tumblelog. I’ll be using this to document my travels across the US, and possibly other parts of the world. Right now I’m still in the getting ready process.

Within the next week or two I(and my friend Scarab) will be departing on a trip around the US. There is a very good chance that we will be hitchhiking a majority of the trip. It’s also really possible that we will be hopping trains throughout the south.

The purpose of the trip is the all-important pursuit of the American Dream. We are young and terribly aware of the Fear. We need more experiences in order to become the people we want to be.

Everyone has been super helpful so far. Here’s a couple of examples.

Dark Gracie posted this. Which has lead to several donations already.

$36 donated thus far. First to donate – BrooklynBeast

Sorenj was kind enough to post a link on his blog to the original note from Gracie.

Epiphani has graciously donated a Sony Vaio laptop for the trip.

Things are looking good, but we can always use more.

You can help by linking to me in anyway, or by donating. Send all donations via PayPal to jackstravelfund at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for everything and much love!

-Jack Lhasa

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