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Just placed my order for the AT&T Tilt(HTC TyTN 2). It should arrive this weekend. This will be my first smart phone, so I’m pretty excited. Comment with program recommendations, or anything like that!


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As many of you know, I am an avid twitter user. Now, for some reason, tonight, I feel obligated to tell you a little bit about who I follow and who I don’t.

First off, let me tell you why I use twitter.  I use twitter because it allows me to communicate with the maximum number of people with shared interests.  These interests vary greatly, and would take more than this simple post to expound upon.

Okay, so you and I both use twitter.  I follow you.  You don’t follow back for whatever reason.  Soon you are gone.  My timeline is for conversation.  conversation requires two people.  If you are not returning my follow, you are not seeing what I am saying, and thus not actively participating in the conversation.  You’re off my list, fast as possible.  I’m not going to waste my time or yours on a one sided conversation.  End of story.

Okay, so you use twitter.  You follow me.  I don’t follow you back.  Why?  Many reasons.  First thing is to ask yourself if you ever actually talk.  I don’t follow people that only link to their other sites.  Secondly, you should look at your follower to followee ration.  If you follow 4,000 people, and only 300 people follow you, I’m not gonna be one of them.  You can only listen to so many people and give a damn and any given time.  Another reason.  Are all of your posts about free give aways or making money online?  I’m not interested.  I get enough spam to my gmail, thanks.  And the final reason.  You have not posted any tweets.  How can i decide if I want to follow you without seeing what you have to say?

How do I keep up?  I use qwitter and friendorfollow.

I Listen.

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In this recent war of microblogging sites, it seems that none of them can really get it together and provide what we really need: reliability.

Twitter is always down and some features don’t work, people moved to Friend Feed.  People realized that Friend Feed’s user interface was complete crap and came back to Twitter.  Twitter still having the same issues and not moving forward in any noticeable way, when Plurk lauched there was a mass exodus.  Now Plurk is putting us through the same bullshit as Twitter.  Down half the time, not all of the features work, etc, etc, etc.

I think Brightkite might be the only reliable microblogging site left.   I’ve yet to see it go down.

So the question remains, can someone get a microblogging site together, fuck all the frills and special features, we just need something that is reliable, supports SMS(in the US, unlike Jaiku), and allows posting via IM.

Throw everything else out the window, it’s worthless and just causes more and more issues.  I don’t care about my karma score.  I don’t care about rooms or cliques.  Just make it work.  Can it be that hard?

But what do I know?  I just listen.

I Also Travel.

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Definition – Twit

Twit – noun – Someone who uses the web service Twitter.

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Highlighting some of my favorite bloggers again tonight. I’ll keep running these until I’ve covered everyone, I hope. So let’s get started.

  • Cyberetto – My favorite Aussie Tech-Chick. 😉
  • Tatty – The most beautiful and sweet girl I’ve never met.
  • Tweet-Up LA – Greg is running a great site here, trying to connect all the Twits in LA.
  • Wandering Nomad – Hunee is like the Filipina sister I always wanted.
  • The Horror Strumpet – Fiz is just made of awesome.
  • The Broad Brush – Tojosan is very interesting. And a new grand-niece has just entered his life!
  • Tofu916 – Tofu is a Hip-Hop producer in Sacramento. Hours of laughs!
  • jjprojects – JJ is social media in Australia.
  • Dark Thoughts – Gracie gives a hefty dose of dark erotica.
  • She Geeks – Corvida covers all you need to know to be tech savvy.

That’s all for today kids. More again soon.

I Listen.
I Travel.

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I just wanted to take some time tonight and give a little promo to some of my favorite fellow bloggers. There’s a lot of talented people out there, writing away, and not getting enough traffic. Check out these sites, they are quality. So here they are, in no particular order. Now a lot of my friends already have huge followings, so I’m gonna try and stick to the ones that really need to the traffic.

  • That Tall Dude – Quality blog, not afraid to ask tough questions, and one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet.
  • Twitter Stars – Mark Davidson is Web 2.0
  • Max Gladwell – Max does some great stuff on ecological and social change.
  • The Entropy Report – Scarab does a great job of gritty truth here.
  • Slap/Pop – Lou has got some really cool stuff going on here, but he needs to write more. 😉
  • Chronicles of Beast – Beast is a pro-runner. Looking forward to doing the Vermont100 with him this summer.
  • Evil Science Chick – So cool it hurts.
  • Mellisa Maples – I just love seeing things from the Turkish bazaar!
  • prp2 – Peter is one of my favorite people. Great Stuff.
  • puntiglio – Again, Soren is one of my favorite people. Great stuff.
  • The Musings of a Young Intellectual – Christy does some incredible poetry here.

That’s all for now. If you were not listed, please do not be offended. I’ll be doing a “Part 2” tomorrow!

I Listen.
I Travel.

This used to be so easy.

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So you guys know that a lot of people look to me when it comes to web 2.0 services, linux programs, random TechGeek wisdom.  “So”, you may ask yourself, “what is he whoring out now?”

The answer there is the web service Pownce

Pownce offers an innovative way to interact with all the different levels of friend or family or colleague.

So here’s some ideas on how to use Pownce to it’s maximum potential. 

First, you’ll notice that pownce has a very twittery interface.  you can use this just like you would twitter, to leave short notes to your friends or the public.  But it offers a unique ability to share files, links, and calender events from the same small interface.  You can make these things viewable to 1 friend, all friends, the public, or no one.  Targeted file sharing is the main reason I use pownce.  I  run across a song, or short movie i like, and I just zap it to the people that I know will like it.  You can even use the event and message systems with your GTD system. 

Now, another thing you might notice about pownce is that it asks you about other social networks you use.  You can keep a full list of them on your profile or home page and make a nice centralizer here.  Giving yourself and your friends a nice pivot point to take in anything you are doing. 

Other than being extremely efficient it also looks pretty damned cool.  If you’re running Windows or Mac you can check out the AIR client here.  (Hopefully Adobe will get AIR over to linux sometime soon.  I really enjoy a lot of programs running on AIR.)

You can also take pownce a little further with a pro account for about $20 a year.  Pro comes with a larger file share size, no ads, and customizable CSS.

I Listen.
My Pownce
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