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I do a bit of an intro for my good friend Tofu over at his blog.  


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I talk about a few of the different ways you can use Twitter at the Wondering Nomad.

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This is a Guest Blog I did last month for PR Seitz.

Books, books, books. I’m mad for reading. I spend untold amounts of time scraping through my library, the local library, and the web for sources of inspiration, or just a good read that can help me get out of myself for a while.

Sometimes it is important, as a writer, to lose yourself in a good book. I like to pick up things that aren’t really my style, to give a fresh perspective on what I write. I spend a lot of time waxing philosophic on my blog, and that generally comes from what I read.

I’ve been pulling my way through the works of Hunter S. Thompson these past few weeks. Fear and Loathing: on The Campaign Trail ‘72 has not only been an excellent read, but it’s made me feel closer to the elections this year. Hunter could always dig himself into any situation, completely engulfing his personality with his subject. I respect that a lot, and I think that if more writers really allowed themselves to be a little crazy, or heroic, or depressed, or manic, they would be able to make their characters more believable. Hunter knew this.

Write yourself into a story. Let it take over all that is you. See what happens.


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