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Broken glass litters
the city street.
I crawl out of the gutter
and wonder where I was last night.
I can see the quad-bridges from here.
The echo in the distance
calls out my name.
Jack, come home.

I am home.
This is my city.
These are my streets.
I walk across the bridge
and grab a bite to eat.

Hot coffee and cold eggs
can help just about any situation.


Chattanooga, A Love Story in Fragments.
Fragment 2

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This is a true story. A story about my city. Chattanooga. I love it like no other. In this city, it’s rare for someone to say, “I love living here.” Mostly you just hear people talk about leaving. People new to the city often complain that it has a way of sucking you in, so you can’t seem to leave, no matter how hard you try.

I’ve always been here. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was born here. I’ve spent many summer looking at the stars. I’ve spent many winters watching the city lights grow in number, year by year.

This is a story about disappearing. For such a small city, it’s so easy to disappear. When you’re gone, you’re gone. Most people forget they ever knew you. I don’t forget.

I met Will in the early summer one year, in a local bar. He was an old man to me. That summer, he told me his years numbered 60. I bought him a beer, and loaned him a cigarette, and he told me stories.

He was a Vietnam veteran. He had shrapnel lodged in his leg and chest from his tour of duty. He came home to find that he couldn’t work anymore from the pain. The Veterans Administration moved him into the Social Security Building, gave him a fixed income and a constantly growing addiction to pain medicine. When I met Will, he was taking 120mg of morphine and 80mg of oxycodone a day.

My wife often remembers the first time I introduced her to Will, pleasantly. She could not hear his name over the noise of the bar. After mistakenly calling him something else, he told her, “My name is Will, but you can call me anything but late for supper.”

Always a smile, always a laugh. A man could hardly have a better disposition.

He once told me that a man can’t tell a lie, it’s a lie that tells a man.

Whenever he got his prescriptions filled, he’d sell his morphine and oxycodone to people he trusted. A fixed income and an apartment in the Social Security Building in Chattanooga is just a small step up from homeless.

One night he came to the bar and sold some pills to several people. He had been drinking and taking the medicines himself, and there was a bit of a mix up. When those people figured out they were taking vitamins instead of opiates, he apologized, and promised to fix the issue.

The last time I saw Will, he was leaving the bar to walk home. He had had a few beers, and I had watched him swallow several pills. I never saw Will again. No one I know has.

A disappearance. It happens all the time. How many people will you forget? How many people will vanish from your life without a second thought?

I’ve often told people that the greatest ability of the human mind is that it is able to forget. I sometimes wonder.

– Loki.
(Chattanooga, A Love Story: fragment 1)

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Saint Patrick’s Day. A holy high holiday in my circle of friends.

Where was I? Why, how nice of you to ask.

The wife and I headed over to The Local Performance Hall to celebrate with a lot of friends. My great friends, The Molly Maguires, were playing the party that night.

This was sort of a big deal for the Mollys, it marked the release of their second EP, A Quick Pint. What follows is a review of first the EP, and then the concert.

The Molly Maguires
A Quick Pint
Release Date : March 17, 2007
5 Song EP
Click Here to Order this album

Rating : A-

Excellent work by the Molly Maguires. Their 2nd EP also features many traditional songs. Including crowd favorites “Johnny Go Easy” and “The Molly Maguires.” Both songs are very true to the live performances. Michael Walters’ mandolin style is truly an inspiration. Marc Michael’s vocals are haunting on the song “Paddy’s Excuse.” Marc Michael informs me that my idea of “Paddy’s Excuse” being haunting is hardly what it really is. He emphasizes the humor of the song. It may be that I am a little jaded. The content is definitely comedy, but the vocals offer an eerie juxtaposition. It’s worth your time, no doubt about that. Drop by the site, and order a copy, or come to a show, get a CD, a t-shirt, and hear the real Mollys’ experience.

The Molly Maguires
Date : 3/17/07
Venue : The Local Performance Hall, Chattanooga, TN
Live Show
Rating : A+

This show was excellent. This was everything a Mollys’ show should be. All of the crowd favorites, a lot of the band’s favorites, Guiness and whiskey abound. The true Mollys’ experience is the live show. This is where they really shine. I’ve been going to their shows for around a year now, and have never been dissatisfied. Live. That’s the Molly Way.

In summation, new EP and Saint Patrick’s Day performance both scored A’s in my book. The Mollys’ always make sure to put on their best, and this past Saturday was no exception.

Check them out. You won’t regret it.

– Loki

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I was going to post an article about my Saint Patrick’s Day, or a video game review, or an article about recently discovered evidence that Shakespeare smoked cannabis and cocaine. But instead, I saw this on myspace. I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. This man is a legend in my mind.

That’s Right! A CD release!!! I don’t know how exciting the rest of you are, but I’m fucking ecstatic! I can’t count how many days I’ve sat on a sidewalk listening to this man play. Boots is blues as good as it gets.

—————– Bulletin Message —————-

Check out this event: Boots Roots CD Release Party

Boots Roots – The One Man Band

Born Robert Montgomery in Miami, Florida on January 14th,1935. Boot Roots performed many years in Miami and traveled extensively performing the Blues with many bands. While traveling through Chattanooga, TN, doing gigs, he thought it would be a great location to “Retire.” Since “retiring” 30 years ago in Chattanooga, he has entertained thousands of local residents and tourists passing through town. One can find Boots on the street corner near the Chattanooga aquarium on most fine Spring, Summer, and Fall days and on the warmer days of Winter. Boots has five grown children in the Miami area and one “hook up” of 40 years.

Boots Roots influences include the greats of Wes Montgomery, Alex Stevens, WC Baker, and Leon Demon. Listening to his music you will find it is a cross between Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters.

Hosted By: Steve Gibbon
When: Saturday Mar 24, 2007
at 8:00 PM
Where: Barking Legs Theater
1307 Dodds Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37405
United States
Steve Gibbon

Click Here To View Event

For more info go to http://www.myspace.com/bootsroots


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