Under New Management

In the years of silence I have grown so much. I’m a different person now. A better one. And I can change things. I can fix or manage any goal.

New posts may well be class themed again. I’ve got a couple of students who I meet with weekly now. Many posts may be from their lessons.

– Jack

All she could say was, “Maybe him.”

Thoughts on Purpose

A few random ideas I’ve jotted down lately..



Life – The Incredibly-Brief Long Time.


Chaos ensues.  By definition.


Let it come easy, let it come hard.  Amen.


Homo sapiens sapiens is defined by society.  Our large networks of interdependantship are literally what make us humans.


The Astronauts who landed on the moon are the last of the Truly Great Americans.


The Laws of Probability are probably the most useful tools we can help the next generations master.


Math is the core of abstract understanding.


No man who truly understands himself would be capable of passing judgement on another.



That’s all I got.


I listen.

Karma, a Christian concept?

When Christ was crucified, he did so to forgive all of Humanity’s sins, past present and future.  If you think of sin on Vice and Virtue measurement. Reset the count to an even 0-0.   This is basically Karma, on a scale of measuring all of Humanity.  This act even attoned for Original Sin, the moment that Eve was persauded by the Serpent.  So, after the Cruxifiction, Humans were no longer born with the weight of Original Sin, and thus their actions alone would be judged.  Be we are not to Judge.

Today, when we pray or ask for Forgiveness, we do so not because God expects us to, but because a Godly man would spend time in introspection and mediation on his actions.  Asking for Forgiveness forces us to deal with our “demons” mentally.  Forgiveness is only given to the Repentant.  If a person does not repent, or feel guilt, it is because it was either never necessary, or because they’ve yet to realize the consequences of their actions.

This, Self-Awareness, Self-Examination, is what makes us Human.  It’s what makes every human redeemable.  Sin exists now because of Free Will, and lack of proper understanding of Cause and Effect.  There are so many so opposed to Science that they cannot see the gifts it gives us.  Every new discovery and invention helps us understand each other a little more.  And that’s All Jesus Christ ever asked of us.



I Listen

Christian Apologetics 01

If I Could Breathe – Draft #2


If I could breathe,

I’d tell you everything.

If I could breathe,

I’d do it all.


Everything’s gonna

be alright now.

If I can breathe,

I’ll work it out.


If I could breathe,

I’d take it all in.

Learn to sail about.

Maybe I’d even

learn the Cha-Cha.

I think I could

Figure it out.



-Jack Lhasa

Always Listening.

(Josh Owens, proud son of Dennis W Owens, RIP)


If I Could Breathe is a poem I started writing for my father, months before his death.  I never quite got to a Final Draft, but I’m going to share with you the few drafts I did complete.


If I Could Breathe – Draft #1


If I could breathe

I’d tell you everything.

If I could breathe

I’d spit it out.


But there’s no way

to get it out now.

No longer can I scream

or shout.


Other than that,

I’m feeling fine.

At least most

of the time.



-Jack Lhasa

(Joshua Owens, PROUD son to Dennis W Owens)

Some thoughts on Human life, society, and more..


Ideally, no man should see his own death, as it happens.


The growth of one’s character is a selfish endeavor, but it leads to a societal growth of all human charater.  Thus, it is the most selfish, and least selfish act a man might indulge in.


No matter what you may think of the current state of our world, improvement is the only path we’ver ever had.


The is no Road to Ruin.  Ruin happens in its own time.

No matter what you’ve been told, or what you think, there are no easy rides through this journey of living.



Always Listening.

Pops’ Eulogoy

My father, Dennis W Owens, passed away on September 10, 2016.  He battled with Stage IV Lung Cancer for eleven months before sucumbing to it.  He died exactly 30 days before his 65th birthday.  He is missed by so many people.  This is the eulogy that I read at his memorial ceremony.


Dennis Owens

Devoted son, husband, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather.

He loved rarely,

but, very deeply,

with the whole of his being.

Like the Tennessee River,

on the surface, he was simple, still, calm.

But to know him was to know

that those waters ran deep.

His faith never waivered.

In this thick fog that surrounds us,

He could always see the lighthouse.

God’s Glory was always found,

stunningly obvious, in nature.

He truly marveled at Creation.

No matter the goings-on of men.

He was proud, in a way I might finally

be starting to understand,

looking around at all of you.

He did not fear death.

Not for himself.

but rather, for how

it would affect each of us.


I fear, though, that we’ve already

said more than he’d have preferred.

So, let us take solace now,

knowing his pain is over,

and he can finally breathe.




We played only two songs in memorandum.  Seven Mary Three’s cover of Otis Redding’s That’s How Strong My Love Is, and The Beatles In My Life.  I encourage all reaaders to listen to them.

I’d like to take this moment to thank Memorial Hospital and Tennessee Oncology for doing everything they possibly could, including helping with the payment for his treatment.  I’d also like to thank the many, many family members and friends who’ve offered their support in many ways.  Although his life long employer, Olan Mills, really treated him like trash at the end, the friends and coworkers from there have been a great comfort.  Thank you all.  It means more than you could ever know.


-Jack Lhasa

(Joshua T Owens, proud son)

It occurred to me tonight, that the world was in need.  So, here I am.  Ready to take my proper place as an instrument of the gods.  As a guide, as a counselor, as a shaman.  I can get you to where you want to be.  Help you find the answers you seek.  In short,


I’m back.

All hail Eris!

Summer: Poetry

Step the morning,
blue and bright.
The pines sway softly
beckoning the breeze.
Mad with the ecstasy
of you, the world
comes alive.
In color and form,
creation exalts the sun
with tanned-skin beauties.


I Listen.